Hermione Jean Granger was the daughter of  Mr and Mrs Granger, Muggles who are dentists. She found out she was a witch at the age of 11 and was immediately a gifted witch. 

She met Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley aboard the Hogwarts Express and the boys thought she was a know it all. Later in her eagerness to impress the professors she constantly gave the correct answer. Upon the relationship of the 3 she took the blame after they saved her from the troll. Harry and Ron were suprised but gratefull and they quickly became friends. In her second year she was a victim towards the Basilisk and was lied petrified for most of the film. In her 3rd year Hermione was granted the hounor of using the Time Turner from the ministry of magic to increase her knowledge and to go to more classes. Later that year she used it to save Sirius Black from the Dementors kiss. In her 4th year she helped Harry win the Tri Wizard Tournament. In her 5th year she was the driving force behind D.A. Later in that year she fought in the Battle Of The Department Of Mysteries. In her 7th year instead of going back to Hogwarts she participated in the Battle Of The Seven Potters and accompinied Harry Potter in his quest to find Voldemorts Horcruxes. She then fought in the Battle Of Hogwarts and survived. After the Wizading War she went back to Hogwarts to finish her education. She evenntually married Ron Weasley and they had 2 children a daughter Rose and a son Hugo. She became the Godmother of Harry and Ginnies oldest son James.